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Ecoconscious redecorating

Revamping our living room at last!

We had planned to do a bit of work on our living room just before Covid and we’re only getting around to it again now! The current floor came with the house and wouldn't have been our first choice, however, we decided to try staining it rather than replacing it.

We decided to darken the floor as it had a very “yellow” hue to it which we didn’t like. RH Wood Floors ( did it for us last Saturday and we’re really happy with the transformation.

Our next step is to recover the sofa. It’s 15 years old B&B Italia Charles sofa and the covers are very tired. We really like the sofa and recovering it is the more sustainable option, but definitely not the cheapest! It’s difficult to tick all the boxes. We’re trying to find a fabric which is as natural as possible, which is suitable for a sofa and which we also like! We’re not there yet!

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