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Eco friendly Tealights

Updated: Nov 4, 2021

Beeswax tealights from a small sustainable company

Regular tealights are made from paraffin wax which is a petrochemical by-product from the distillation of motor car oil. They also contain stearin which is made from either animal fat or palm oil (which I’m really trying to avoid – with great difficulty!). I recently discovered these tealights which are made in Denmark in a very small factory that employs only 10 people and has a very strong environmental ethos.

They are made from pure beeswax taken from old honeycombs. They smell like honey and are 100% natural.

I know there are concerns about beeswax, not only from an ethical and cruelty perspective, but also because of the declining bee population. The company are now producing candles from rapeseed oil, so that’s my next step up and will avoid chemicals, palm oil and also beeswax. I just have to find a supplier now - the search continues.

It’s always tricky to know if you are really doing the right thing or not when making these choices as there is so much to consider!

This is also a matter of really putting your money where your mouth is. A packet of 18 tea lights is €12.29 ( so definitely not cheap but worth it if you can afford it. They also come in cardboard packaging (I’m not sure if it’s recycled or not) and no plastic – hooray!

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