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Join me on this journey to a beautiful green life...

Hello, I’m Paula Butler and I’ve worked as an environmental consultant for over 25 years advising Government and business on environmental issues and climate change.  I worked for the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) for 10 years and lead the development of the Building Energy Rating (BER) scheme in Ireland. I have worked for myself for the past 7 years and my focus has switched from Government policy to personal sustainability.


I believe you and I are the main solution to the climate change crisis.  People like us taking small steps to reduce our environmental impact and live a more eco friendly life will heal our world.

I will share with you how I strive to lead a more environmentally friendly life by adopting simple, effective and stylish solutions. I will only ever share solutions and products that I use myself. Solutions that I know really work, are simple to do and that enrich your lifestyle.

Join me on this journey to a beautiful green life.

Paula Butler
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