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Bulk Store Shopping

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Tips for shopping at the bulk food store

At last, the "bulk store" has arrived in Ireland. My local is The Source in Rathmines which I can certainly recommend. There is also The Good Neighbour in Dundrum, Veganic in St Stephens Green, Minimalist Waste Grocery (online), Dublin Food CoOp in Kilmainham, The Filling Station Eco Store in Galway, Twig Refill in Clonakilty, Organico in Bantry and others.

It's a great way to shop in order to avoid plastic and get good quality products in whatever quantity you want. I've done some price comparisons and some products are a little more expensive, many are the same price and some are cheaper. For example, Organic Oats are €2.50/kg in the bulk store Vs €2.80/kg in the main supermarkets. A good bulk store will have a wide range of products such as grains, pasta, nuts, seeds, dried fruit, baking products, spices, oils and even cleaning products.

A few tips before you go:

  • Make a list before you go (it's all so tempting!)

  • If you are bringing your own containers/bottles, weigh them (with the lid on) at home and mark the weight (or "tare") on the container

  • If you are bringing your own bags, also weigh them and mark the weight with an indelible marker or tag

  • I put my containers and bags in a strong cardboard or wooden box so that they are easier to carry there and back

At the shop

  • Write the number (PLU) of the product on the lid/bag so there is no confusion at the till (my local shop provides pens but you could take your own wax pencil or washable marker just in case)

  • Tie or tape bags to prevent spillages (my local shop provides brown tape)

  • Make sure they deduct the "tare" at the till so you are only paying for the produce

  • Sign up for the loyalty scheme to save money on your next trip

As an aside, The Source has a great selection of treats if you are planning a trip to the wonderful Stella cinema!

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Bulk Food Shopping


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