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Post-Christmas Decluttering Tips

Some tips for your post-Christmas decluttering

Taking down your Christmas tree and decorations can be pretty daunting but it is a good time to tackle some clutter and set yourself up for a less cluttered New Year. Here are some ideas and tips to help you along.

1. Christmas Decorations

Don't pack away anything that is broken (e.g. Christmas tree lights that need to be repaired), anything you didn't use, anything you don't love, etc. Instead repair, donate, recycle, dispose.

2. Fridge Clear Out

Make sure you go through your fridge and put anything in the freezer that is at risk of going off. Take a note of items in your fridge and freezer that need to be used this month and try to integrate them into your weekly dinner plan e.g. use leftover cranberry sauce to make cranberry chicken or cranberry and orange scones. You can freeze any leftover wine, dressings, gravy, etc. in ice cube trays for using up in the next few months in stews, etc.

3. Christmas Chocolates & Treats

A great solution for leftover chocolates and selection boxes is to use them to make rice krispie squares or chocolate biscuit cake.

4. Unwanted gifts

If you or your children received gifts that you won’t use then consider giving them to family or friends, repurposing them, selling or donating them. As a last resort recycle or dispose of them.

5. Children’s Toys

If you have young children, this is a good time to clear out any old toys that are no longer being played with and repurpose them, sell them or donate them to family and friends, your local creche, school or charity shop. As a last resort recycle or dispose of them.

6. Christmas Review

Take a few minutes to review your Christmas. For example, did you have too much turkey leftover and would you consider buying a turkey crown next year instead of a full turkey? Do you have mountains of wrapping paper, gift tags left over? Did you buy too many presents? Did you do any last-minute panic buying that you could avoid next year? What worked well for you? Ideally you would make a note of this for next year.

Decluttering Principles

Some principles to keep in mind as you go about your post-Christmas declutter:

• Set a timer and do a 15 minute declutter rather than taking on your entire space

• First reduce and declutter and then look at storage solutions

• Give items a specific home to prevent them becoming future clutter

• Let go of “just in case” items

• Think sustainably and try to sell, repurpose, gift or donate items

• Develop a “decluttering habit” to keep on top of your space

• And the ultimate solution? Resolve to buy less “stuff” this year!

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