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DIY Natural Face Oil

100% natural face oil, the very best way to moisturise your face

I love to make my own facial oils, which I find are more effective than anything I've ever bought (at any price point!). I also really like knowing exactly what I'm putting on my skin.

For my face oils, I don't add any essential oils as they can be a bit harsh for the eyes. The mixture you use will depend on the type of skin you have. My face oil is a mix of organic argan (70%), rosehip (20%) and hemp seed oil (10%).

Note: If you're putting oils on your face make sure they have a low comedogenic rating, so that they don't block your pores. The comedogenic ratings are from 0 (won't block your pores) to 5 (likely to block your pores). The oils I use on my face have a rating of 0 to 1 (Argan oil (0), Rosehip (1) and Hemp seed (0)).

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