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Makeup Removal Pads

Updated: May 31, 2020

A simple switch to reusable makeup removal pads

Switching to reusable makeup removal pads is a good way to reduce your bathroom waste. I used to buy cotton wool pads to remove my makeup - sold in a plastic bag, into the bin after a single use and a recurring cost every day.

My first step was to try reusable makeup removal pads, once I managed to find some! They can be hard to come by but you can buy them in some of the health food shops or online (e.g. Amazon). I tried a number of different brands over the past couple of years but struggled to find the perfect solution. Some were sold in plastic, some weren’t from organic cotton, most of them were too small and got even smaller after a few trips through the washing machine.

More recently though I’ve come up with a much easier and more cost effective solution – I fashioned my own from a retired bathroom towel. Ideally use pinking shears to cut up the towel, as they can cut through thick fabric and the serrated edges stop the pads fraying in the wash. I have a small cotton bag in the bathroom to collect the used pads and then every so often I chuck them in the washing machine using a bag I have for washing tights, etc. This will prevent them going astray in your washing machine!

I use the pads with my oil cleanser, which is great for removing stubborn mascara, and then I use a wet, hot face cloth (which can also be made from the same towel) to remove any excess oil. I love the feeling of the hot face cloth on my face – a little piece of heaven!

I can honestly say, my skin has never been better since switching to this routine and my bathroom bin has felt the benefits also.

DIY Makeup Removal Pads

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