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Homemade Antibacterial Spray

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

As I can't get my hands on any, I've resorted to making my own!

As packages come to the door etc. I'd like to have an antibacterial spray on hand. You can't buy them anywhere at the moment so I managed to get a small bottle of neat Milton fluid so I'm using it to make up my own spray. Just mix 1/4 cap of Milton in 400ml of water and put into a spray bottle.

Milton is very effective but just remember it’s a form of bleach (with the heavy metals removed) so I wouldn't recommend using it on delicate surfaces or fabrics as it could bleach then. I’m using it on the granite countertops, door handles, keys, packages, etc. It’s pretty much odourless and it’s not carcinogenic. However, it is harmul to aquatic life so I don’t put it down the drain. I add some essential oils, such as tea tree and lemongrass (my favourite), which also have antibacterial/antiviral properties. You could also use neat dettol if you have it - I’m out of that too!

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Antibacterial Spray


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