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Homemade Natural Hand Sanitizer

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

A recipe for DIY natural hand sanitizer

Under the circumstances, with fear of Covid 19 rife, most of us would probably feel happier (for once!) using the heavy duty, chemical filled hand sanitizers. However, as I can't find it anywhere, I've resorted to making my own, more natural, version.

I'm not certain how it compares with the conventional hand sanitizers in terms of virus killing properties. There is lots of information online saying it's just as effective, however, given the higher level of risk at the moment, I would not be willing to make that claim.

Under normal circumstances, I would certainly feel comfortable recommending it and I do believe that this is certainly better than nothing if you find yourself out and about over the next few months without access to a wash hand basin.

2 tbsp Witch Hazel (I used a version with alcohol for it's extra virus killing properties)

3 tbsp Aloe Vera Gel

15 drops tea tree oil

15 drops lavender oil

I'm repurposing an argon oil bottle which is my daily moisturiser for the last few years - so I have one for everyone in the family!

As an aside, I've been using a conventional antibacterial soap in the kitchen since the virus landed in Ireland, and I find it incredibly drying on my hands. I think I've become so used to natural soaps at this point, that my skin can no longer tolerate harsh chemicals. Interesting!

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Natural Hand Sanitizer


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