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Nude Balm Recipe

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

A super easy natural beauty product to try at home

This is one of the easiest natural skin care products to make, so it’s a good one to start with if you are just beginning your journey to a more natural skincare regime.

I prefer to put my balm in pots, as it allow me to use a wider range of ingredients. Using a twist up stick requires that you adhere to a strict ratio of wax to oil.

My favourite butter is shea butter as it’s creamy and thick. Cocoa butter is key as it’s firm but it melts easily on contact with the skin. Beeswax provides a protective waxy layer to the skin and also helps it to stay on longer. I also love to use castor oil as it gives a lovely shine to the lips! Jojoba wax can be substituted if you prefer not to use beeswax - just remember to reduce the quantity of wax so the final product is not too hard.

Basic Recipe:

3 parts carrier oil (liquid oil such as jojoba, caster (makes lips shiny), hemp or avocado)

1 part beeswax (if using candelillia or jojoba wax reduce the quantity of wax)

1 part solid butter (such as shea, cocoa or mango)

Gently heat the oil, wax and butter in a glass jug over a saucepan of water until all the ingredients have melted. Pour the warm balm into a clean, sterilised jar or tin of your choice and leave to cool.

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Natural homemade balm using beeswax, coconut butter, shea butter, castor oil, sweet almond oil. All chemical free, natural ingredients.
Nude Balm


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