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Natural Hack for Descaling your Kettle

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Super effective, non-toxic and natural solution for limescale buildup

This is a great way to clear limescale build up from the inside of your kettle. This will usually happen if you are in a hard water area and for me it resulted in a black coating inside the kettle and black specs in the boiled water - not a welcome addition to my mint tea!

Put 2 cups (approx.) of vinegar into your kettle, let it sit for an hour, boil the kettle with the vinegar still in it and pour out the blackened vinegar. The vinegar literally dissolves the limescale - it's so amazing!

By the way, I recommend boiling the kettle with plain water a couple of times afterwards, just to make sure the vinegar is well and truly gone from the kettle.

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My Trusty Kettle

Kettle before descaling with vinegar, natural cleaning hack, non-toxic home, non-toxic cleaning
Kettle - Before (full of limescale)

Kettle descaled with vinegar, natural cleaning solution, non-toxic home, natural cleaning hack
Kettle - After (cleared of limescale and gleaming!)


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