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Green Cleaning Kitchen Essentials

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

My "beside the kitchen sink" natural cleaning supplies

It's May 2020 and the whole family is at home 24 x 7, so keeping the kitchen under control is essential for my sanity.

How is the dishwasher full by lunchtime? How many drinking glasses do 4 people need in a day - dozens it seems!

In my box of essentials below I have:

  • Multipurpose Spray (made with Castile Soap and water which I use for literally cleaning everything)

  • Antibacterial liquid hand soap (from the Minimal Waste Grocery so it get's delivered in a glass jar - no plastic thank you!)

  • Baking soda in a shaker (I use this for pots and pans and cleaning the sink)

  • Steel scrubby (also for pots and pans)

  • Wooden dish brush (with a replaceable head - a firm favourite of mine)

  • Antibacterial Spray (a Covid 19 addition - diluted Milton because it's effective but less toxic than other disinfectants)

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Kitchen Essentials


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12 Kas 2020

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