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Boost your immunity to fight Covid 19

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Look after your gut health with live yoghurt

The missing piece of the puzzle in the Covid 19 debate is the importance of boosting your own immunity in order to avoid getting sick. A key element of this is building your gut health. Eating live natural yoghurt is great way to do this and this brand is a firm family favourite. I buy the large (plastic unfortuntely!) tub because:

1. It’s more cost effective

2. I divide it into 3 small pots

3. This means it all gets eaten (who can resist those cute little pots!)

4. It stops the boys (or me!) eating the entire large pot by ourselves!

5. The plastic pots are perfect for bulk food shopping as they are super light and stackable

6. You can also use them to freeze soup, etc. in small portions, if like me you're running low on glass containers from stocking up your freezer.

Keep safe and eat well!

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Boost your immunity with live yoghurt


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