Batch Cooking and Freezing Food

Updated: May 31

Tips for getting it right

The main step I've taken in preparation for lockdown due to Covid 19, is to do some batch cooking. The last thing I want to be doing if I'm unwell is trying to make dinner for the family! Here are some of my tips if you want to do the same:

  • Only do family favourites, that you know will be eaten

  • Freeze small quantities (I even do single portions which come in very handy)

  • Use regular glass jars (e.g. jam jars) for small portions

  • If freezing in glass, make sure to leave plenty of space for expansion

  • Label and date everything (I use washi tape and a marker)

  • Freezing sauces/dressings in silicone ice trays can add interest to mid week dinner

  • Defrost meals overnight in the fridge

Keep well and eat well!

Batch Cooking for freezing

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