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Batch Cooking and Freezing Food

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

Tips for batch cooking and making the most of your freezer

The main step I've taken in preparation for lockdown due to Covid 19, is to do some batch cooking. The last thing I want to be doing if I'm unwell is trying to make dinner for the family! Here are some of my tips if you want to do the same:

  • Only do family favourites, that you know will be eaten

  • Freeze small quantities (I even do single portions which come in very handy)

  • Use regular glass jars (e.g. jam jars) for small portions

  • If freezing in glass, make sure to leave plenty of space for expansion

  • Label and date everything (I use washi tape and a marker)

  • Freezing sauces/dressings in silicone ice trays can add interest to mid week dinner

  • Defrost meals overnight in the fridge

Keep well and eat well!

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Batch Cooking for freezing


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