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Ecoconscious Dishwashing

6 tips to reduce the energy your dishwasher uses by 10%

The average Irish house (3 bed semi-d) spends €150/year running their dishwasher. This has increased from €70/year in 2020, due to a sharp rise in electricity prices. Each time you use your dishwasher it costs you 63c.

On that basis, our energy use is more like €200/year as we run our dishwasher almost every night, so we are way above average!

You can reduce this by 10%, and increase the life of your appliance at the same time, by implementing some simple energy saving measures:

1) Only run with a full load (but not overloaded)

2) Use Eco settings

3) Run a monthly maintenance cycle on a hot temperature

4) Clean out the drain regularly

5) Locate away from the cold appliances, if possible

6) Run on night rate electricity (50% cheaper and also takes pressure off the grid)

It’s a very small thing but these little changes do add up over time and so are worth doing.

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