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Eco friendly Toilet Paper - Revamped

My favourite online delivery - bamboo toilet paper!

There’s a lot to like about “Who Gives a Crap”. Their toilet roll is really good quality – we buy the bamboo version which is the softest toilet roll you can find (for those with sensitive bums!).

The bamboo is sustainably sourced and they give 50% of the profits to charity. It is manufactured in China however they say their delivery chain is carbon neutral - not ideal but at least they are making an effort to offset the emissions. It was certainly efficient - I ordered it on Friday and it arrived on Monday.

However, the thing I really love is the unexpected joy they have brought to an everyday, and let’s face it, very basic, product. They are currently doing the “Gift Edition” which arrived in a fabulously colourful box and each roll is wrapped in the most joyful paper imaginable. They have also changed the paper to make it easy to repurpose as wrapping paper. They have removed the branding and added a “To” and “From” section.

I buy it from Who Gives a Crap Europe ( It costs €52 for 48 rolls (delivery to Ireland) which does us for around 3 months.

If all eco-friendly products were as well designed as this one, no one would need to be convinced – they would just choose them because they are simply better!

(P.S. I’m not sponsored by them – I’m just a fan!)

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