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Best Paper Planner

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

One for the planners and productivity junkies

If, like me, you love to plan - this is by far the best planner I have found (and I’ve tried LOTS of them!).

It’s by Career Girl Daily London (

1. It looks great and is lovely to use

2. It’s not too big and fits in my handbag

3. It has a full monthly and daily spread with room for goals and “To dos”. As I only like to set 3 “must do tasks” per day, it’s certainly adequate space for me

4. You can plan each day by the hour, so you very quickly see if you are over scheduled

5. It runs from Sept. to Dec. so it covers you for 15 months

6. It’s well priced (€31.95 and you get 20% off by using the code THANKS20).

It’s available from 28th August 2020.

PS I’m not sponsored by them, I just love their products!

Best paper planner with full daily spread
Planner - Daily Spread

Best paper planner with full daily spread, close up of daily spread
Close up of daily spread

Best paper planner with full monthly spread
Paper Planner - monthly spread

Best paper planner - looks good and lovely to use
Daily planner 2019 to 2020


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