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Ecoconscious Christmas Gift Wrapping

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Some ideas for a more sustainable approach to Christmas gift wrapping

A nice alternative to buying Christmas wrapping paper is to simply use brown paper. It's also a very cost effective tactic, at an expensive time of year!

Last Christmas, I focused on using up my leftover Christmas wrapping from previous years. This year I'm using brown paper, natural twine and rosemary. I have some ink stamps so some presents will get a little extra decorating. I'm also using up leftover ribbons that I collected over the year from gifts I received or fancy boutique bags, etc. I love adding some rosemary or pine sprays for extra impact!

For the kids, I'll get some traditional wrapping paper but will make sure to choose simple paper with no glitter, foil or anything that might make it difficult to recycle. I'll get recycled paper if I can find it and afford it! It's tempting to go the whole hog and adopt the same approach for the kids. However, I want to ensure I don't go too fast for them, so I take baby steps and try my best to bring them along with me.

This approach can be used at any time of year or for any occasion and completely simplifies gift wrapping year round. Another good idea is to use your children's art work as gift wrapping - with their permission of course or you could land yourself in hot water (in this house anyhow!).

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