• Paula

Capsule Wardrobe Palette

Updated: May 31

An effective first step to developing a capsule wardrobe

If you are overwhelmed by your wardrobe and want to try to build a capsule wardrobe, an easy first step is to limit your colour palette. By doing this your pieces all work well together and it makes it far easier to get dressed. I love this minimalist wardrobe workbook by Encircled (https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0222/6410/files/Encircled-_The_Minimalist_Wardrobe_Workbook.pdf).

My Wardrobe

My Winter 2018/19 palette has three neutrals (white, black, grey) and two accent colours (pale blue and pale pink). The odd time a bit of moss green or hot pink sneaks in but it's not an exact science so that's fine by me and it stops me getting too bored!

My Basic Colour Palette - Winter 2018/19

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