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Hello and welcome to Ecoconscious Living, where you will find simple tips and advice to help you live a more environmentally friendly life. 

My name is Paula and I have worked as an environmental consultant for over 25 years advising both Government and business on reducing their environmental impact. However, I believe that we are the solution to climate change, not Government and business. It's people like you and me, taking small steps to reduce our environmental impact that will bring about the changes we need to protect our world.


As well as working as an environmental and climate change consultant, I have a husband and two young boys and I am very passionate about reducing the environmental footprint generated by my family.


We all live busy lives, so I take a practical, rather than a purist approach. With this in mind, I have researched and developed tips and hacks to help me move towards a greener life and that's what I am sharing with you on this website. 


So please join me on this journey to a more environmentally friendly, healthier and happier lifestyle!

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