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Welcome to ecoconscious living...

Here you will find simple ways to live a beautiful green life

I’m Paula Butler and I’ve worked as an environmental consultant for over 25 years advising Government and business on environmental issues and climate change.  I believe you and I are the answer to solving the climate change crisis.  People like us taking small steps to reduce our environmental impact and live a more eco friendly life will heal our world.

I will share with you how I lead a more environmentally friendly life by adopting simple, effective and stylish solutions.

Join me on this journey to a beautiful green life.

Green Leaves
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Paula Butler is an independent environment consultant, who previously worked at a public policy level, but, central to her current business, is of the belief that individuals have the power to make an impact in tackling climate change. 

Butler’s degree in science led her to post-grad studies in environmental management and a career that included advising the Government on home improvement grants. But after 20 years of consulting, and with two young boys at home, she started to ask herself questions.

“I felt like a hypocrite. I was on this busy treadmill. It was time to step aside and take a long hard look at my life. I believe we’re the solution to climate change, not Government and business. It was time to go out on my own.”

Butler now gives talks on sustainable living and one-on-one consultations in homes.  It’s not, she says, about taking a purist approach.  It’s about being practical and offering simple advice. Her lifestyle workshops are attracting an increasingly interested and well-informed audience.

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