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Plant Based Diet

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Some thoughts on switching to a more plant based diet

I’ve been reducing our meat intake gradually over the past couple of years but as a mum of 2 boys I am always wondering if my kids “need” meat and if I'd be doing them a disservice by "denying" them meat!

On my sister’s recommendation I watched “The Gamechangers” on Netflix which is absolutely fascinating and if you are any way on the fence about switching to a more/entirely plant based diet - this is one for you! 

It looks at top athletes and how they improved their performance by moving to a plant based diet. It addresses myths about humans “needing” meat when in fact too much meat is actually damaging our health. There is lots of negative commentary out there about the documentary and obviously people are very divided on this issue. For me, one of the key take aways is that if people like Carl Lewis, Venus and Serena Williams are vegan, then I don't need to worry too much that we will all be less strong and healthy if we switch to a more plant based diet.

One easy switch for me is to have oat milk instead of cow's milk with my daily muesli. "Oatly" is my current favourite brand but one goal for Veganuary 2020 is to try making my own oatmilk and also to see if can I take it in my coffee too - a much bigger challenge!

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