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Covid 19 Homeschooling Plan

Updated: 4 days ago

My plan for getting through the enforced homeschooling situation

All set for my first Homeschooling experience. My goals are to:

1. Save my sanity

2. Have fun with my two boys

3. Try to maintain some sense of normality and routine

4. Do lots of reading, baking, art, downtime and great outdoors

5. Oh and yes, do some school work!

I've done up a "schedule" which is mainly just a guide for me so I don't have to start from scratch every day. I'll loosely stick to the plan for the day but I'm allowing myself the option to chop and change as the day unfolds and the days roll on.

I'm seeking to try and get something positive from this worrying time and for me it's the opportunity to spend lots of "unbusy time" with the family; nothing to get to and no deadlines to meet.

Keep safe and well

Home School Schedule

Home School - Day 1

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